The Journal of Health and Physical Literacy (JOHPL) is the official scholarly publication of the National Academy of Health and Physical Literacy.  The journal features a combination of theoretical and practical articles, complemented by a wide range of case studies and regular features, identifying key implications for practitioners. Its scope will include the following topics:

• Behavioral studies of Health and Physical Literacy
• Barriers and disparities associated with Health and Physical Literacy
• Biomechanics and physiological studies of Physical Activity
• The impact of facilities and organizational structures on health and physical literacy
• Policy analysis regarding Health and Physical Literacy
• Recreation, Leisure, and Physical Literacy across the Lifespan
• Management of Programs associated with Health or Physical Literacy
• Pedagogy of Health and Physical Literacy
• Community Engagement to foster Health and Physical Literacy
• And other similar physical or health literacy focused topics that the Editorial Board deems of interest. 

Call for Manuscripts

Original research, scholarly reviews, and the application of research in practice are acceptable. All manuscripts should be submitted via the Editorial Management System ( Acceptance of manuscripts for review is ongoing.