Why Should I Join?

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the mission of the National Academy of Health and Physical Literacy (NAHPL)?
The NAHPL is a diverse, inclusive, member-driven organization advancing the dimensions of health and physical literacy through professional development, advocacy, mentoring and applied research in the areas of health, physical education, dance, and sport.
2What are Health Literacy and Physical Literacy?
The NAHPL utilizes the definitions as indicated below:
Personal Health Literacy is the degree to which individuals have the ability to find, understand and use information and services to inform health-related decisions and actions for themselves and others. (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion [ODPHP], n.d.)

Physical Literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life. (International Physical Literacy Association, n.d.)
3What are the Dimensions of Health Literacy and Physical Literacy?
Know, Can, Do
Based on the definitions above:

-Physical Literacy-know and understand the importance of and elements of physical literacy
-Health Literacy-know how to find and to understand health information and health services

-Physical Literacy-have the physical competency necessary to engage in physical activities for a lifetime.
-Health Literacy-have the ability to find information and services to make informed health-related decisions.

-Physical Literacy -being motivated and confident to engage in physical activities for a life time.
-Health Literacy-use information and services to make well informed health-related decisions related to self and others.
4Why was The National Academy of Health and Physical Literacy formed?
NAHPL is another meaningful resource that professionals can tap into for professional development and networking. Specifically, opportunities provided by the Academy include:

Professional development– to support, encourage and provide guidance to members in the development and conduct of standards-based programs in the areas of health, physical education, dance, and sport. Specifically, the NAHPL will provide professional development opportunities including a national summit, regional summits, thematic conferences, and leadership development activities.

Mentoring - to support, encourage and provide opportunities for individuals to maximize their potential, develop their skills, and become the best version of themselves. Mentoring initiatives will span all ages but will have a strong focus among the future professional and new professional population. Specifically, there will be a program council in each Region for Future Professionals (FP) and New Professionals (NP), program sessions during each Summit will be provided for FPs and NPs, each region will be encouraged to host a future professional leadership conference, and a FP/NP Advisor will be appointed in each Region.

Advocacy– an advocate is one who defends or maintains a cause, supports or promotes the interest of a group, or provides information on contemporary trends and practices that impact the profession. The Academy will aim to facilitate public and professional understanding and appreciation of the importance and value of the dimensions of health and physical literacy in the areas of health, physical education, dance, and sport as they contribute to individual and societal well-being. Specifically, the Academy President and CEO will serve as the spokesperson(s) related to relevant topics/initiatives (i.e. Cares Act, Healthy People 2030), the President and CEO will initiate relationships with groups that share our interests, sessions focusing on advocacy will be presented at all Summits and Leadership Development Conferences, there will be Advocacy Committees (standing committees) at the National and Regional levels, and the BoD and Regional Leadership Cabinets will develop an Advocacy Plan each year.

Research – to encourage and facilitate applied research, that will enrich the depth and scope of the dimensions of health and physical literacy in the areas of health, physical education, dance, and sport; and to disseminate the findings to the profession and other interested and concerned publics. Specifically, the NAHPL Journal will provide an avenue for publication of research, each Region will have a Research Program Council, and research focused sessions and research poster sessions will be a part of each national and regional summit.
5What is the focus of The Academy?
The Academy serves individuals across the lifespan- children, youth, and adults within our society in the many dimensions of health & physical literacy.

The Academy recognizes the importance of our four Regions (Eastern Seaboard, Midland, Southern Tier and West Coast). The Regions are an integral part of the Academy. Working together we can move forward to a more Health and Physically Literate Society.

The Academy is Member led! Member driven! We include and encourage ideas to affect positive change and impact all people with healthy active lives.

The Academy provides over 450 leadership opportunities at the national and regional levels.

The Academy strives to be a Voice for ALL members. The Academy Representative Assembly will be comprised of members from every state. The Representative Assembly will approve all changes in the Academy Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

The Academy will serve all environments that promote health and physical literacy across the lifespan (Agency/Business, Community, Clinic/Hospital, PK-12, College/University and Non- Profit).

The Academy encourages and facilitates research in all areas represented by the Academy.

The Academy values transparency as an organization with its membership. Board of Directors minutes, Academy Bylaws, Operating Codes, etc. will be on the website for the members to view at any time.
6What are some of the initial opportunities the Academy provides its membership?
  • Leadership Opportunities at the Regional and National levels.
  • The Voices of the Academy webinar series
  • Academic Program Review for Higher Education
  • Peer Reviewed NAHPL Journal
  • National and Regional Professional Development Opportunities
7Does the Academy support other “like-minded” national associations?
Yes, the Academy supports everyone that has a passion to assist all children and adults to have a happy, healthy, and physically literate life! We encourage all our professional members to be members of many like-minded organizations to increase their wealth of knowledge, collegiality, and networking opportunities.
8How do I become involved?
  • Visit the Academy website: nahpl.org
  • Become a Member! Membership categories include professional members, paraprofessional members, future professional members, and retired members.
  • Take advantage of the many leadership opportunities. Opportunities are available at the regional and national levels. WE NEED YOU!