January 18, 2022

Steps for Creating a Live or Virtual Advocacy Day

When advocating for a particular cause, know what the problem is, and ways to solve it. Understand who the stakeholders are and educate legislators and key stakeholders on the importance of the cause by providing relevant information to the cause.
January 7, 2022

Let Your Voice Ring Out!

As Physical Literacy and Health Literacy professionals, it is important to advocate for quality Physical Education and Health Education in every school across the country to build healthy communities. Physical Education and Health Education classes are important for receiving information, cultivating critical thinking skills, inspiring imagination, and developing the skills needed to lead active and healthier lifestyles.
January 7, 2022

Mentoring Our Students: An Act of Love

At some point in our personal or professional lives we have likely had a mentor. It may have been a parent, teacher, coach, colleague or friend. But whoever it was, that person had a significant positive impact on our personal and/or professional growth because that person saw something in us that they thought was special and worth spending time to help develop.